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Monday, 12 January 2015

We're Taking A Little Break...

Today's post is a hard one to write, but unfortunately we have decided to take a little break from e&s.

There are so many factors that have contributed to this decision but real life is demanding all of our time at the moment with work commitments, running our individual blogs and Skye planning her upcoming wedding. Basically we've just had to compartmentalise things and we feel taking a step back from e&s is the best thing for us right now. 

We've achieved so much over the last 8 months - we want you to know that this isn't us throwing in the towel! We absolutely love our little blog, working together, and sharing all of our DIY and crafty adventures with you. We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming along with us on the journey and we sincerely hope you'll stick around to see how it will continue in the future.

At the moment we can't say how long this hiatus will last, but we will both still be around on Twitter and our individual blogs if you need to find us - please do keep in touch!

Skye - | @skye_pennant |
Erin - | @eeliseetc |

Skye & Erin


  1. Looking forward to your return to Eight & Sixteen. Until then best wishes in all your endeavors! :)

  2. *sniff*
    So sad! But so understandable! You guys are amazing for doing this great blog as well as your own!
    Looking forward to what the future holds for Eight & Sixteen, whether that be in no time, or a little way down the track.

  3. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!



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