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Monday, 1 December 2014

Bloggers Love Hub DIY Booth (+ Free Template Printables!)


Last Monday evening we were kindly invited along to host a small DIY booth at the Bloggers Love Hub taking place at Kanaloa in London.

As we were asked to create a project related to organising we decided to decorate some plain notebooks, perfect for jotting down all of those blog post ideas! Instead of sticking on washi tapes or scrapbooking papers we chose to stitch into the notebook covers creating a textured finish.

We arrived at the event ready to set up our little booth and prepare everything to get crafting. Luckily we arrived super early which turned out to be a good thing - as you can see from the photos the lighting in the venue was not great for crafting, and we decided to use this time to make things a little easier for everyone taking part.
To create the notebooks you simply tape your chosen template onto the front cover of the notebook, and use a pin to pierce holes into the cover about 5mm apart. Then you can use a needle and thread to sew your design on and the pre-pierced holes mean that your design comes out perfectly! Due to the lack of light we decided to pierce the notebook covers with our three designs before people got stuck in as otherwise it may have taken all night to finish!

We had three designs to choose from: a festive snowflake, a cute cactus and "little book of ideas". If you want to make your own version don't forget to download the free templates at the end of this post!

Wamiri & Josh with their finished notebooks

We had a great time at the event and met some really lovely bloggers too - Dani @ Floral Danielle, Daisy @ Daisy Jet, Chantelle @ Topix & Tales, Josh @ That Kid In The Bow Tie, Wamiri @ Omowamiri, Afshan @ Afshanesque, Chrissie @ Caprichia, Rebecca @ Rebecca Coco, Victoria @ My Little Black Book,  Justine @ Justine Pendrill & Brenda @ Time & Couture 

completed notebooks
Daisy & Chantelle's notebooks

If you'd like to try any of our templates, you can find them here:

Snowflake Template
Cactus Template
"little book of ideas" Template "blogging notebook" Template

The snowflake is intended to be the quickest of the three, with the "little book of ideas" being the most complex. The text templates aren't dotted, but just remember to pierce the holes onto your notebook around 5mm apart.

Once you've given these templates a go, why not try making your own? You could try your blog name for yourself or monogrammed notebooks to give as presents - perfect for a DIY Christmas!

Thank you to everyone we met at The Bloggers Hub for taking such an interest in our little DIY booth, and of course to Danielle for inviting us to be a part of the event! :)

We'd love to hear from you if you try out this DIY - use the hash tag #eightandsixteen to share your photos with us!

Erin & Skye


  1. This looks like it was so much fun!! What a fantastic opportunity!
    Awesome notebooks too. Definitely checking out the templates! :)

    1. Thanks Anjali, we had a great time! :)


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