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Monday, 8 September 2014

PinTest: Shaped Pom Poms

For today's PinTest we're trying out some awesome creative pom pom ideas from Mr Printables! From fruity pom poms to letter filled pom poms, there are tons of designs to choose from. Here's how we got on...

Erin's Pom Poms
pom pom erin

As you can probably tell from the picture above I struggled with this project and quickly discovered that these shaped pom poms are pretty tricky to master! As someone who loves Halloween crafts I was drawn straight to the skull design but after looking through the instructions I realised it would be a difficult one to start with and instead opted for the ghost.
I had pretty much given up hope of it turning out well but after revisiting the original tutorial a few days later I realised that I needed to trim it down much more than I already had, and once I did this it looked much more ghost-like.

As much as I love the idea and admire the beautiful original ones shown over at Mr Printables it’s safe to say I don’t have a talent for making them! I do however think that if you can master this clever craft they would make adorable Halloween decorations!

Skye's Pom Poms

When Erin suggested these shaped pom poms for our next PinTest, I was pretty excited - the originals are so cute! However, I really struggled with the DIY and got pretty frustrated trying to replicate them.
I decided to try the strawberry pom pom as I thought it looked relatively simple in comparison to the other designs. I found that once I had wrapped my wool around the template, cutting the wool free without losing any strands was quite fiddly, but I don't know if my technique was just wrong.
I then spent a long time snipping away at my pom pom trying to shape it into a strawberry which took ages. I'm still not very happy with the finished result, and I'm baffled by how great all the other amazing designs look since my attempt.
As cute as the originals are, and as much as I hate to say it, unfortunately I don't think this DIY is for me!

We'd love to hear from you if you give this PinTest a go - use the hash tag #eightandsixteen to share your photos with us! If there are any particular Pins you'd like to see us test out let us know in the comments!

Erin & Skye

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