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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

DIY Hanging Flower Garland

I first saw hanging flower garlands on a trip to London with Erin, where Liberty had adorned their ceilings with clusters of garlands - they were gorgeous!
I've created a much smaller scale garland that instead of hanging from the ceiling can simply be hung up on the wall. I think these could also be great decorations for parties or weddings - I went for an autumnal theme with my colour choices but you could go mad with rainbow colours or try a whole garland in one solid colour.

First you need to create your template. Take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half and then half again. You can vary the shape of the petals, but I found it easiest to stick to two leaf shapes across each fold in the paper.
Trace your template onto your chosen paper, and cut out. Create a small cross in the middle of your flower by folding it in half one way, and then again the other way.
Using a pair of scissors, curl your petals upwards as you would curl ribbon. You can touch these curls up once the flower is made up, but it is much easier to do the initial curling at this point.
Cut into each petal as shown, but be careful not to cut all the way to the centre of the flower.

Place some glue on the top of one half of a petal, and then bring the petal next to it over and stick it on top.
Repeat this process with the next petal until all 4 are glued together.
You then need to repeat this to join the petals into a flower; work in the same way but try to create a smooth cone shape.

Repeat as many times as needed to create enough flowers for your garland. Then using invisible thread, string your flowers together securing a knot underneath each one so that they hold their place. I used a piece of bamboo as a frame, but you could omit this and just pin your garlands to the wall.

We'd love to hear from you if you give this DIY a go - use the hash tag #eightandsixteen to share your photos with us!



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