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Monday, 14 July 2014

PinTest: Juice Carton Coin Purse

Welcome to our first PinTest post! When browsing for DIY's on Pinterest, you'll almost always see a Juice Carton Coin Purse somewhere along the way - they seem super popular!

There are lots of tutorials and variations on ways to make them (Click here to see the original Pin!) but here's the method I went with:

1. You will need a juice carton, a scalpel, a ruler, scissors and a pen.
2. First, remove the square bottom of the juice carton.
3. From the bottom edge, measure and mark at 3" and 5" - connect these marks around the side and back edges of the carton, but not the front.
4. Cut away the excess carton either side of those lines, leaving the front in tact as shown.

5. Flatten the back and side pieces down to create to folds at the centre side pieces.
6. Create two more alternate folds within the side pieces to create concertina pleats. These are the purse gussets.
7. Fold up the bottom of the front carton piece and fold into place.
8. Fold the excess edge under and tuck it into the concertina pleats. This is the front body of your purse.

9. On the front of the carton, remove the top flap piece (this bit usually has the date on it). Take off the lid. This top piece will become the purse flap.
10. Using a scalpel, remove the twist cap from the carton.
11. Using the fold already in place underneath the hole, fold the top piece of card down onto the main carton piece, draw around the hole and cut out.
12. Fold the top into place and then fold down onto the front body of the purse. Draw around the hole on the front body.

13. Unfold the front body from the side gussets and cut the hole out.
14. Take the twist cap that you removed earlier, and push it through the hole on the front body.
15. Fold the front body back into place as shown.
16. Bring the purse flap down and over the twist cap, screw on the lid, and that's the purse all finished!

Although the juice carton packaging is enough of a statement for these purses, I decided to cover mine in some cute craft paper to take it a step further.
If you want to do this, I would suggest covering the carton with your chosen paper (or paint!) before you start making the purse (it's a little fiddly otherwise!).

I think these coin purses have been a great first PinTest. They don't just have to be for loose change either - the screw on lid makes them pretty secure so you could try using one as a medicine purse or a mini sewing case!

We'd love to hear from you if you give this DIY a go - use the hash tag #eightandsixteen to share your photos with us!



  1. These are so cute. I like the idea of using one as a mini sewing kit!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Thanks Hayley - I'm definitely going to set one up as a mini sewing kit :)

  2. This is so cute and unusual. I love it!

    Faye | freckles&all

    1. Thank you Faye, glad you like it! :)

  3. LOVE THIS! These would make great Christmas gifts. :D

    1. Thanks Sarah! You're right, they would be great stocking fillers :)


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