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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Meet Our Friends... Introducing July's Sponsors


This month we've taken on our first group of sponsors who's button links you may have noticed over in our sidebar. Rather than just hosting their adverts today we also wanted to properly introduce them to all of you!

Below you will find a bit more information about each of the sponsors as well as both their social media and business links. Of course we couldn't introduce this lovely bunch to you without also including our top picks from their websites! Keep reading to find out more...


mrs m

Made By Mrs M

We love Kate's gorgeous digitally printed fabrics, our top picks are: Streets In The Sky Fabric (£32) and these Fabric Covered Buttons (£3.50)
Here's a little more info about Kate and her Etsy store Made By Mrs M...

"Kate studied Fashion & Textiles in the mid 1990's, only returning to the world of art and design after many years working in the City of London. Her work is inspired by life in the city, and in particular the architecture and textile design of the 1950's.

Kate's primary focus is her fabric designs, however she also works with ceramics, cross stitch and other media as well as exhibiting her textile art across the UK. Kate runs an increasingly popular art, craft and design blog, also entitled Made By Mrs M"

Social Media Links - Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest
Business Links - Etsy | Folksy 



From L&P To English Tea (And Back Again)

We love Anjali's real mix of posts, our top picks are: her Auckland Adventures series and her amazing selection of Nail Art Posts
Here's a snippet of what you can expect to find over on Anjali's blog...

"I'm Anjali and I blog at From L&P to English Tea (And Back Again). I started blogging when I moved from New Zealand to England, but have kept up with and fallen in love with it ever since. While I'm back home in NZ now, I still blog, and I'm still loving it. You can usually find me posting about books, movies, travel (near and far!), DIY, photography and my rather large Harry Potter obsession."

Social Media links - Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
Business Link - Etsy



Shark Alley 

We love Sarah's unique jewellery pieces, our top picks are: Sunbird Pendant (£26) and the Dappled Hare & Star Necklace (£55)
Here's a little bit more information about Sarah's lovely shop...

"Shark Alley is the creation of Sarah Kelly, a Brighton-based artist who has been working for over twenty years in a variety of artistic fields, including illustration, textile design and mosaic. Working in mixed media has been a passion for years, as well as the concept of making something out of existing bits and pieces and generally upcycling and reusing things where possible.

Sarah set up Shark Alley in 2010 to return to hands-on making after several tedious years of working digitally. As a committed jewellery-lover, this seemed a good place to start. She loves to keep things fresh and interesting by using different media and creating a range of products, but the inspirations of animals, colour and pattern remain constant.

Sarah is thrilled to have been selected to take part in Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace this September and will be showcasing a brand new range of necklaces as well as launching an exciting new look for Shark Alley."

Social Media Links - Blog | Facebook | Twitter
Business Link - Shop



Yoga In Sardinia

Even though crafting is pretty much our method of relaxation (most of the time anyway!), we think Alex has created an amazing solution to keeping relaxed in everyday life. Even if you're super busy, it should still be priority to look after yourself, and her course looks like a great starting point to us.
Here's more information on Alex and the yoga course...

"Alex has been practising yoga & meditation for over 15 years and started teaching 5 years ago.
Alex is a founding member & President of Yoga in Sardinia, a non-profit Cultural Association, based in Sardinia, aimed at promoting the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Holistic health. She has also recently launched Stress Management for a Modern World, an online mindfulness based stress management course.

The course is an eight week programme (don’t panic, it only requires around half an hour each day!), developed to introduce you to some simple practices that can help you to become more aware of, and reduce, your stress levels and some key practices to help you to induce a relaxed state in your physical body. The course will also include some introductory practices on how to understand, accept and alter learned thought and behaviour patterns, enabling you to create a more positive state of mind."

Social Media Links - Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
Business Link - Website



Sawyer & Scout

"Erin has always created such beautiful products for her shop - whether she's making jewellery or textile accessories - and I particularly love her Watermelon Bunting Necklace" - Skye
Here's a little more about Erin's shop...

"Sawyer & Scout is the online-based store that Eight & Sixteen co-creator Erin is working on when she's not creating tutorials.

The website, founded in 2011, started out as a jewellery shop selling a small range of fashionable pieces. Since then there have been a lot of changes and the current jewellery range includes unusual designs such as necklaces made using upcycled board games, a wearable miniature terrarium & even a string of watermelon slice bunting!

Having recently found a love for sewing Erin now also makes textile gifts such as pouches, pencil cases and hair accessories which are all available on the new look Sawyer & Scout website!"

Social Media Links - Twitter

Business Links - Big Cartel | Etsy 


Thank you to all of or July sponsors - we hope you've enjoyed meeting them!

If you run a creative business or blog and would like to sponsor Eight & Sixteen in August then we would love to hear from you! Just drop an email to and we will get back to you soon!

Erin & Skye


  1. Shark Alley's jewellery looks lovely. Looks like you have some great sponsors this month :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. It's beautiful isn't it! So many pretty pieces :)


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