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Friday, 11 July 2014

Book Review: Sticky Fingers, Sophie Maletsky (2014)

*Review copy c/o Netgalley, image via

sticky fingers

Sticky Fingers is a quirky and colourful book filled with a huge range of projects surprisingly all made using duct tape!

Although in the past I had seen wallets made from duct tape and no-sew bag projects lined with it I wasn’t aware of just how many different (and amazing) things you can make with it! The ideas included in this book range from jewellery to wallets, bags, storage and even gift wrap. It seems like the possibilities for this underrated craft supply are endless and I think its great to have so many available together in one book.

Templates are included for some of the projects (where needed) and another great little addition is the end section which showcases a few ideas for using up your end of roll scraps and even the cardboard centres the rolls of tape come on!

Sticky Fingers includes so many projects that I loved and wanted to try out so when I first read the book I ran out and bought some rolls of tape to have a go myself. I will be sharing the first project I tried out, a clever but simple accessory idea, with you for next week’s Wednesday tutorial post!

Overall I think Sticky Fingers is a unique, fun and inspiring book that would be a great addition to any crafter’s collection.

Sticky Fingers is available to pre-order now at 
Keep an eye out for a DIY inspired by the book here near Wednesday!

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