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Friday, 13 June 2014

Book Review: The Gentle Art Of Quiltmaking, Jane Brocket (2014)

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gentle art of quiltmaking

Everyday things and sights such as fields of pretty flowers, rows of beach huts, items of clothing and even stamps inspire all the quilt designs found in this book. Each project starts with a short explanation of the idea and inspiration behind the design before moving on to the how-to for the quilt which all include colour photographs of the final piece. My personal favourite of the finished quilts was probably the stamp inspired design as the pattern and colours most suited my taste.

As well as the wide selection of designs the book is also filled with tips and advice for beginners with the final section covering the basics – from equipment to cutting, preparing fabrics as well as the binding and actual quilting. In addition there are fabric suggestions, measurements and information is given on things such as calculating fabric needs and how to choose a design. However its not just the designs and fabrics that Jane talks tips for, she also has advice on creating the right workspace, a useful addition to the book as lack of space is something that can often put people off taking the plunge and making their first quilt.

With such a variety of inspirations and patchwork designs plus all the basics covered The Gentle Art Of Quiltmaking has something for everyone and would be a good reference book to have around as well as one to look at for a little inspiration.


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